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Greg Seraphin graduated from Kutztown University with a degree in performance on guitar, and has been an active teacher and performer since 2006. Feeling at home playing in a multitude of styles and genres; from rock, blues and country to jazz, world music and metal, he hopes to bring that perspective to his teaching style, offering students a wide lens in which to explore their musical interest and passions.

Greg strives to find a method and approach that best fits each students needs, goals and interest. There is no one size fits all. Whether a student is picking up a new hobby, is preparing for college or auditions, or wants to take their playing to a new level Greg can help foster an attitude and method that will yield success. On top of the technical aspects of the instrument, he can also get you up to speed in music theory, harmony and composition and how it relates to the guitar.

“My main goal is to help each student find their inner and unique voice. I want my students to find what excites them in music and connect to the instrument on a personal level. Music can teach and reveal so much to us about ourselves, the lessons in discipline, focus commitment and self discovery are worth the price of admission.” 

Greg is now accepting students from all ages, beginner to intermediate.