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“Hi Mike and Sue. I was talking to Michael before my son’s lesson today and

was remarking how nice it was to have a flexible friendly team of professionals

at the new music school. I recently worked with Jason to schedule makeup

lessons from the holidays. We emailed back and forth and he was so

accommodating and friendly. It was a pleasure.”

-Tracy Simpson 1/15/19

“…All the teachers who worked with him… at The Music Depot,

have been exceptional, not only in their ability to teach but also as people.

There is no question in my mind that music and this group

of people helped him through what were some very tough times for our

family, and we are both extremely blessed to have you in our lives.”

- Dona Wallace 3/5/19

"Huge shout out to The Music Depot! You treat your students with love and respect,

you foster their talents and encourage them to dream big! For all this and more

we thank you.”

-Kim D’Esposito 8/3/19

“Ethan enjoys the Jazz ensemble! I don't have to try to talk him into participating

in this jazz ensemble. I just ask him if he wants to do it and he immediately says yes!

Thank you for giving him a place to feel comfortable.”

-Donna Andorn 9/5/19