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September Newsletter

In this month’s edition

*Fall program start dates

*New Fall Programs - Jr. Drumline and Chorus Ensemble

*The Mike Crater Cares Foundation

*Tips for creating your practice space

Fall Program Registration Now Open!

Here are the following Fall Programs and start dates.  For more details regarding time, showcase dates, and cost, please visit:

September 7th - Drumline 

September 19th - Jazz Ensemble

September 28th - Band Program

September 28th - Group Lessons for Drums, Piano, and Ukulele for 5-6 yr olds

September 29th - Jr. Drumline 

October 19th - Chorus Ensemble

*Various dates for Pre-K - please visit:





With so much positive feedback about our Drumline from our Music Depot community, especially from our youngest up and coming percussionists, we felt it was important to provide a spotlight for them by having a Junior Drumline program.  Our very own talented instructor, Andy Vernon, will be leading the way.  

The Music Depot JR. Drum Line is a group designed for students ages 7 to 12 to begin exploring the world of Marching Percussion and Percussion in an ensemble setting. In this program, students will utilize and learn techniques for percussion instruments such as Snare Drums, Bass Drums, Toms and more. Students can expect to learn cadences, proper sticking and techniques, reading rhythmic notation and of course HAVING FUN! This program is also great for students looking to join or move up to our SR. Music Depot Drum Line. A performance in our Fall Showcase (Sunday, Nov. 24th) at The White Rabbit Theater at The Colonial Theater in Phoenixville is also included. Sign up today to join in on the fun!  

Andy had this to say, “I am beyond excited to lead The Music Depot’s Drumline.  Different simple rhythms coming together form something that is somehow bigger than the sum of its parts, and that is one thing that has always been at the core of my fascination with percussion ensembles.  Working cohesively with peers to reach an end goal is a skill that kids can take into the future, and it is one of the primary focal points of the Junior Drumline.  Get ready to rumble!”  

To register online, please go to -



Our chorus ensemble is a great chance to improve your vocal abilities in a social environment.  If you love music and singing, then this is the program for you! And if you are a bit too nervous to sing on your own...then yes, this program is also for you.  Members will focus on how to utilize their body and voice for proper, healthy technique. Develop your voice and ear for music by learning how to harmonize with others.  

No experience is necessary.  Beginners to advanced are welcomed.  Chorus ensemble will meet for 2 hours a week.  The number of songs will be determined based on sign-ups.  Our theme for this session will focus on Frank Sinatra songs, as well as holiday songs.  Our goal is to have our chorus ensemble represent The Music Depot at local community events.

Vanessa Pottinger will be directing this program and brings a great deal of experience and talent to this new program and she can’t wait to get started.  Vanessa has a new video out called, “Sugar Don’t Make Me Lie.”   Please check it out and give it a thumbs up!

 Our Chorus ensemble will perform at our Fall Showcase on November 24th, as well as, the Collegeville Christmas Tree Lighting event on December 7th.

To register online, please go to -


Mike Crater Cares Music Foundation 

Making a difference matters to the Music Depot!  So we wanted you to know about the great things that Mike Crater is doing and how you can help yourself or others.


Mike Crater is the owner of one of Pottstown’s most popular pizza restaurants, Mike’s Brick Oven Pizza (located at 601 N. Charlotte St. Pottstown, PA.). Cooking up delicious pizzas isn’t the only awesome thing that Mike does for his community. Mike has been known for years to donate instruments of his own to children in need who may not be able to afford to have good quality gear at home. Mike really understands the importance of music in children’s lives. If you give them the tools they will use them!  


Recently, he has set up The Mike Crater Cares Music Foundation. Through this foundation, Mike hopes to find even more children in need of musical instruments and donate what he can. The Music Depot thinks this is an AMAZING thing Mike is doing and wants to help him grow the awareness of his foundation. We have seen his kindness in action and the impact it has on the child is immeasurable. If you know of a child in need of an instrument feel free to reach out to us at The Music Depot. All information given will remain completely confidential. Now let’s help out some kids! 


Info on Mike’s Brick Oven Pizza 

Location: 601 N. Charlotte St. Pottstown, PA. 


Phone Number : 610-327-4042 


Tips for creating your practice space!

Let’s be honest, having time to practice can be difficult.  But it can be even more challenging when there isn’t an atmosphere for someone to be inspired, as well as, an organized setting while playing music at home.  Whatever you have to work with -be it a spooky basement, a cluttered area, or inadequate gear- this month is a good time to make sure your music space at home has got the goods to produce productive playing.  September is a great month to set up and organize your perfect practice space at home. Here are some things to think about as you create it!

Items you will need for your space:

  1. Music books and binders. 

  2. Music stand.  (Gotta have something to put the books on!)

  3. Writing implements - pencils, pens, a sharpener, erasers, a notepad for the music notes or questions for your instructor.

  4. Metronome - vital for practicing.  There are tons of free metronome apps available.

  5. A timer.  Set your timer before you start so you can focus on the music and not the clock.

  6. Musical supplies - guitar and bass players should have a tuner and picks. Drummers should have adequate drum sticks.  

  7. A device to listen to your music.  Whether it is a musical app or song to learn, it is important to listen to your song or anything related to your practicing like an iPad, iPhone, boombox, or amplifier with an auxiliary input.  Note: iPad and iPhones are a great way to record yourself while practicing to get a different perspective on your progress.

  8. Headphones  - for quiet practicing directly into a keyboard, electronic drum set, amplifier, or for a device for listening to music.

  9. Snacks and a drink.  A quick timeout to refresh will keep your energy in the right place without having to get up to leave your space…be sure to clean up afterward!

  10. Comfy seat - if you sit down to practice then you should make sure to never underestimate the value of a comfy seat ;)

*Other important items - The Music Depot drawstring bag - great for keeping all your books and binders together when on the go...especially to your lesson.  Please see Amanda at the front desk if you need one!  

Speaking of binders...we are in the process of having customized binders for all of our students.  Stay tuned for news regarding when they will be available!

Create an inspiring atmosphere:

Whether it is a quiet, private setting or somewhere with more stimulation will depend on your child’s personality.  Either way, a proper setup will help them enter the room with the right mindset when they begin to practice.  

  1. Try your best to eliminate distractions by keeping the area clean so that music is the focal point.  Keep the TV off...unless it’s for a song they are working on.

  2. Hang posters or artwork on the wall that will inspire your child to practice.  Decorate with anything that will make them feel like it’s their space to explore music.  

  3. Make sure there is enough space to move around freely.  

  4. Adequate lighting (see spooky basement reference).

  5. Comfortable room temperature.

  6. Acoustics are vital.  Just because you have an empty space does not make it the best place to set up and play.  How does it sound when an instrument is played...especially drums? Sound dampening foam, pads, and blankets work well.  Feel free to ask your instructor about these options.



Nicholas Lagana : Turning 16 on 9/1 

Johnny Mullaney : Turning 11 on 9/11 

Brady Wills - Turning 14 on 9/24 

Steve Hoehl - Turning 15 on 9/30